Trans-Tasman Connection

Trans-Tasman Connection

Rivalry and mutual derision between Australia and New Zealand is legendary-fostered by over a century of sporting encounters on rugby and cricket pitches, racecourses and in boats of various kinds, and scorn for each other's beer. And there are real differences of national character arising from the different history of relationships between indigenous peoples and immigrants, and different climates and geography.

But beyond that there is much that unites the two countries: a shared heritage of English law and parliamentary institutions, free and constant movement of people from one country to the other, many trans-Tasman business and financial organisations, a treaty-driven demolition of trade and customs barriers, and most recently the adoption of a mutual recognition regime whereby professionals from one country may with a minimum of formality practise their profession in the other.

MLAANZ is just one of many professional associations which operate across both countries, covering law, medicine, insurance and other disciplines.


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