The Association has become a regular contributor to debate about new legislation and regulation in both countries. It was an approach by the Association to the Australian Government that saw the work commence for the passage of the Admiralty Act 1988, an updating of Australian admiralty laws which still relied on the Colonial Courts of Admiralty Act (UK) 1862. Issues such as the adoption of the Hamburg Rules were debated by the Association and by it with Government. It was also involved with the Australian Law Reform Commission's reveiw of the Marine Insurance Act (Cth) 1909 and, more recently, made submissions on the Personal Property Securities Act 2009.

In New Zealand the Association maintains close links with Government and regularly makes submissions on legislative proposals. 

Issues with which the Association is currently involved include the adoption of the Rotterdam Rules and the amendments to the International Arbitration Act.

The Association sees no reason why substantive admiralty law and practice should differ between the two countries, and does its best to see that practical distinctions are minimised.


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